Taxorest A-19 Peptide

Taxorest is a compound of peptide fractions that are extracted from the bronchial mucous membrane of young animals. These extracted peptides have a selective effect on the bronchial mucous membrane cells, regulate their metabolism and increase their functional activity.

Taxorest restores the functional activity of bronchi after disorders of various origins, including extreme environmental factors. Its efficiency has been clinically proven for multiple diseases related to bronchi. Taxorest is effective against acute and chronic respiratory diseases of infectious and non-infectious origins, including chronic bronchitis and ‚smoker’s cough‘. It also helps maintain respiratory system function that tends to weaken with ageing.
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Helps to improve the LUNG function by having a regulatory effect on the bronchial mucosa so normalising their metabolism and enhancing their functional performance. Ideal for patients with bronchial conditions such as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and pulmonary disease. It may also be used for those recovering from a chronic cardiac failure in conjunction with Chelohart and Ventfort.


Taxorest is a natural peptide that supports protein synthesis in the respiratory system. In humans and animals, the respiratory system consists of the airways, lungs, and muscles that allow air to flow into and out of the body.

The lung device that manages the exchange of oxygen and carbon molecules is the small lung blisters, the alveoli. Taxorest is recommended for anyone whose bronchitis may deteriorate, especially those with chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, smoke cough, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic heart failure.
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